What Types Of Detailing Products Should I Use for Boats?

What Types Of Detailing Products Should I Use for Boats?

You can ask a boat detailing or yacht cleaning professional what the best type of wax is for marine vessels and you will get a different answer every time. Perhaps it is for this reason that I give advice sparingly to those in the industry when they ask me such specific question. Recently, I had this discussion with a successful entrepreneur who owns a boat and yacht cleaning and detailing service on the East Coast. Let’s talk about this and hopefully this will clear up a bit as to why everyone is so divided over which products to use.

Indeed, I am not the least bit surprised when I get these important and technical questions in this sector, here is a sample of the kinds of questions I am most frequently asked;

“The way I was taught was if the gel coat was thin enough and not very oxidized to just do it by hand. And what I was asking what so if a customer wanted his boat polished after a cleaning, essentially I could provide this polish with the magic buff correct? I will look into 3M’s Product Line as well, just trying to establish the market for products based off reviews sales graphs I’ve pulled up and Time on the market, the polish and wax is all I’m really dabbling around right now. Although like I had said the magic buff seems to be a leader, just very odd how multi-purpose it is! Was also looking into a liquid wax with shine to finish off cockpits and give them that new look, Meguiar’s seems like the good stuff, have used this in the past before.”

Right, if there is just light-oxidation it’s pretty easy to do it by hand with the right product, some people use an orbital, they work nice and if you are good with one it’s easy, I still like to do it by hand myself. Of course, if it is really oxidized you’ll need to get busy with a buffer. You can polish by hand too, there are products which are designed for that, magic buff is said to be good with either hand buffing or machine.

Meguiar’s does have a nice line also, somewhat costly, all pretty good, not all are really easy to use, it’s a matter of taste, as each detailer has their own favorite products, and much of this has to do with how they’d learned and what type of experiences they’ve had, or even how much they’ve bought into the brand name of a detailing product manufacturer. There is no need to do more to the surface of a hull than is necessary to clean it up and protect it. Just like in “writing this article” there is no need to use more words than is necessary to explain – brevity is beautiful. Do it right, do it now, be great and let the customer say; Wow.