Travel Guides For Budget Travelers?

Travel Guides For Budget Travelers?

How many times that while out traveling in Asia that I see budget travelers clutching their travel guide books like some sort of oracle in print that will deliver them to the perfect holiday vacation.  For seasoned travelers they know the part is never in the book but right in front of them in real life color.

In Asia many times the books are only partially updated and much of the information is dated, especially when it comes to the prices, which hey if you are a budget traveler is very important information, if you are going to remain on target for your travel goals.  Who really wants to get a job when they are traveling because the estimates they made were based on dated information? Unless that was part of the plan to begin with for instance, when they are going to Australia if they are from Untied Kingdom or Canada, but even then having current information is vital.

Travel guides come in 3 basic varieties the most commonly used being books and internet sites that are often times connected to the books, and periodical travel magazines.  There are also travel companies that are travel guides, but for most budget travelers this is a more expensive way to travel as opposed to being self directed they can be a good option if your time is limited and you want to jam a lot in but your on vacation not at work, so take it easy should be your mantra. The travel guides that you chose should give you ideas and then you take it from there.

Where to get the most current information?

Budget travelers many times move on the same routes some coming in while others are going out. Look for the local areas where the other budget travelers are is going to get you the most current information.  In Bangkok the best places to meet fellow adventurers would be Khoa San Road or on Suhkumvitt between Soi 4 and Soi 56.  In Phnom Penh the lakeside or riverfront areas would be the best place to find them. In Bali try Kuta anywhere near the water especially when the waves are up! Saigon your best bet is in the Pham Ngu Loa district. In Sydney try the Kings Cross section or near the beach in Maruba. In Beijing try the south side of the Forbidden City. In Singapore the Little India section of the city is where the most backpackers call home.  If somewhere not listed, again, ask the fellow travelers.

The other place to get the most current information is on the internet. Blogs and forums are a good place to start as they usually have the most up to date information and if you give your email people can connect direct with you.

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