Sailing Basics: The Basic Things to Know in Sailing

Sailing Basics: The Basic Things to Know in Sailing

Sailing is quite an interesting water sport that many are drawn to experience the beauty of venturing to the blue sea by means of the wind.

However, before one can truly enjoy the fun under the sun, one has to know first some few sailing basics to prepare one in his sea journey while readying him to the unpredictable temperaments of the ocean and wind.

These sailing basics would include surprisingly, going back to the basics, that is, learning the key and fundamental terms in sailing. It is important to remember the major and important concepts in sailing and not to mish mash them with other terms. For example, jib is different from jibe, and so on.

Should one wants to master the art of sailing, one needs to undergo first in learning some of the sailing basics and be trained to sail first in vacant and still waters. This will help you learn in a step-by-step way.

For novice sailors, sailing by using a small sailboat with less sail and line is more advantageous because it is easier to operate, especially for the first timers.

Know the different safety measures on boat and learn them by heart. If possible, find time in practicing them one by hand or try using the safety equipment so that you will gain a firsthand experience before an actual catastrophe would happen.

Apart from that, learn to use the sails effectively. There are proper ways of using the sails as well as the proper time to use a particular sail. Adjust your sail in accordance to the type of wind you may encounter and the type of maneuver you want to make. Customarily, spreading the sail in full is ideal for temperate wind and flat sail is for strong and gentle winds.

For the crew and the passenger’s safety, showing consideration on the presence of boom (that horizontal rod that supports the base of the sail) by not touching or hitting it, and being conscious of its presence at all times, prevent injury.

It is also essential for a sailor, whether he is a neophyte or an expert to try capsizing his sail boat. This is one of the important sailing basics that one should practice and learn. It is more helpful to capsize one’s boat in a supervised environment than having experience capsizing for the first time in an actual sailing experience.

And maybe one of the most common sailing basics is knowing first the weather condition, the tides and the winds before starting on the voyage, whether one is an experienced sailor or not. It is important to bring with you a map or chart of the place or port where you are heading for you to be able to know the conditions of that particular area. Estimating your time and date of arrival is also vital.

And last but not the least, before sailing, make a check of the condition of the equipments you have. You can tabulate the contents in a notebook so that you will have a more accurate guide on what has been done and what is not.