Sail Indonesia – A Fantastic Sailing Adventure in Asia

Sail Indonesia – A Fantastic Sailing Adventure in Asia

Sail Indonesia is a yacht rally which has been held annually since 2001. The rally begins in Darwin on the northern coast of Australia. The yachts take off in July and sail for around three months to Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

The rally is open to yachts which have a waterline length of at 7.3 meters and Multi hull yachts with a waterline length of at least 8.0 meters.

The rally makes stops along the way and most of the ports of call along the way create a variety of events and activities with local communities.

The general sailing route is from Darwin, Australia and then to Banda in Indonesia. Banda is a small, beautiful volcanic island in the Banda Sea. The next stop is Wangi Wangi island, which has some of the best diving spots in the world.

From Wangi Wangi it is then on to Kupang located at the western end of Timor. The route then follows more Indonesian islands, including Komodo island where you can see the amazing Komodo dragons.

The rally reaches Bali towards the end of September and anchorage is at Lovina beach on the north side of the island. There are many places to explore around Lovina or its an easy drive of around two hours to Bali’s famous Kuta beach.

Another highlight of the rally is stopping at Kalimantan to see the orangutans. It is one of the last places to see orangutans in the wild.

To save on costs all of the organization is done through the Sail Indonesia website and by email. The only marketing for the event is through word of mouth and some feature stories in sailing magazines and websites. It is a fantastic event that introduces eco-friendly tourism to some of the less visited, but extremely beautiful islands of Indonesia.

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