Outdoor Activities at a Bali Pool Villa

Outdoor Activities at a Bali Pool Villa

A Bali pool villa does not offer only a pool for sure. Along with the pool of various shapes and sizes comes a pool area that usually consists of a pool deck and sun loungers. Having your sunbathing at the beach, especially the famous ones such as Kuta and Seminyak,  is definitely an experience that you should not miss but sunbathing at the pool area of a Bali pool villa is an activity that also has its own advantages. First is the fact that you can have your own peaceful moment due to the absence of crowds around you. Next is the surrounding of the villa which usually displays lush tropical gardens and well-manicured lawns, giving you the maximum atmosphere of relaxation that you really need.

At a Bali pool villa you can also enjoy a relaxing outdoor activity by using the unique feature of a traditional relaxation bale which is usually placed outdoor, close to the pool. A relaxation bale is an open sided small pavilion, usually with a thatched roof, which is furnished with cozy cushions and rugs. This spot is best used when you feel like taking a short nap in the afternoon or if you want to listen to your favorite music and read your books. Surrounded by the nice green environment and also by the distant views of the villa, the time you spend at the relaxation bale will surely be unforgettable.

You may rent a Bali villa close to beaches such as in Seminyak or in a quiet countryside such as in Umalas. No matter where your villa is located, there is still another fun outdoor activity that you can do during your stay at a Bali pool villa. Having a barbecue party by the pool side will definitely be memorable. A Bali pool villa usually provides all the things that you need to have a barbecue party. You can also ask the butler of the villa to do the grocery shopping which will save you energy and time. After that, all that you have to do is only barbecuing while having a great chit-chat with your family members or friends under the nice tropical sky.

If you plan a holiday in Bali, click to see a wide selection of Bali pool villas. You might be interested to see various shapes and sizes of the pools provided by the villas, to make sure that you can really have the finest outdoor activities at the villa. The shapes of the pools are sometimes unique and the sizes can also affect your decision to rent the villa. You can also take a look at the surroundings of the pools because great gardens and lawns will surely boost the quality of your outdoor activities at a Bali pool villa.

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