Legian Hotels and Accommodation

Legian Hotels and Accommodation

Just looking at some of the photos on the internet of the hotels available in Legian it is clear the quality and variety of Legian hotels and villas to stay is huge. Being situated right on the beach, Legian offers some incredible sea views if you decide to stay there. Even though you are situated right next to the sea, the top-rated Legian hotels will always have a pool for you to use as well as all the other facilities that come with quality accommodation. Facilities and services vary from hotel to hotel depending on the rates. Except for the budget places in Legian, all other accommodations will offer an eatery, bar, room service and air con.

If staying in a hotel isn’t your thing then you can choose to stay in a villa. There aren’t really any budget villas in Legian as they are actually aimed towards providing a personalized holiday experience. Even the least expensive villas will supply you with the facilities and amenities that guarantee a fantastic holiday experience. Not all of the villas will have in house activities like diving or surfing safaris, but will have the essential information and will organize these activities for you should you want to take part in them.

Obviously the more cash you are willing to spend on accommodation when staying in Legian, the more personalized the services you can expect. The villas that are rated five stars will be offering you everything that you want. The majority of these villas will have their own leisure activities that you can enjoy, some supply a Bali holiday package deal when you book and incorporate everything into the rate, others you’ll just pay to do whichever sport you have an interest in on that specific day. The fully inclusive deals usually work out a bit less expensive, but occasionally your activity will be on a certain day that you don’t feel like doing it or would rather do something else, all a matter of personal preference to choose which is best for you.

For budget travelers there’s a place called Poppies lane which will provide adequate accommodation at a particularly reasonable rate. The rooms aren’t fancy, but the service and cleanliness is good. For all the other travelers, there are many hotels in Legian to choose from. The majority of the top hotels will be offering excellent views of the surrounding area as well as superior service. The tourism industry in Bali is geared towards ensuring that you have an awesome experience while visiting, encouraging you to return year after year.

One of the advantages of staying in Legian rather than Kuta is that the tourists’ buses, trucks and other big vehicles aren’t allowed to enter there. If you arrive by tour bus you will be dropped off in Kuta and catch a little shuttle bus to your hotel. With Kuta being such a favored destination, you will find that Legian is much quieter and peaceful.

The entire area of Kuta Bay, where Legian, Kuta, South Kuta are situated was a thriving fishing community which has been changed into a paradise holiday destination catering for each fancy and wish that a tourist may need and not only competes with any top resort in the world, but transcends lots in the activities and quality of service that you should expect. If you need to look for Legian on a map of Bali, it is situated on the west coast close to the southernmost tip.

Planning a visit to Bali is similar to planning any other holiday, being prepared is the secret to enjoying your holiday. October to March is the off peak season and all the Bali accommodation and resorts are fairly quiet, although it is still a good idea to check that there is room at your favorite hotel before arriving

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