Leatherman Launches ‘Maintenance Kit’ and Tool Sharpener

Leatherman backs up its 25-year warranty with a little DIY help to keep your tool at its best.

A well-made tool ought to last a lifetime — or more. Leatherman itself calls its multi-tools “generational,” a nod to the hand-me-down heritage of its pocket-size devices.

And today, the Portland-based company responded to customers who take that ideal to heart by keeping their tools in top condition for as long as possible. The $70 Leatherman Maintenance Kit includes all the necessities to clean and maintain the action and implements of a multi-tool. And it also comes with a Leatherman x Work Sharp blade sharpener to keep those tools in prime shape.

leatherman maintenance kit

Leatherman Maintenance Kit

The kit itself lives within a nylon ripstop carrying case, secured by a water-resistant zipper. Inside, there’s a microfiber cloth and dual prong pick, for loosening and breaking up the small bits of debris that find their way into a tool’s nooks and crannies.

There’s also a single- and multi-row cleaning brush for scouring both broad and narrow sections of a multi. Additionally, Leatherman includes some everyday cotton swabs for more gentle cleaning.

A pliable but sturdy work mat, a small bottle of tool oil, and Leatherman x Work Sharp knife sharpener round out the kit. You can also buy the tool sharpener alone for about $15.

All told, the Maintenance Kit weighs in just under a pound.

How to Use

In short, use a cleaning agent — the brand suggested WD-40 — with the cloth, brush, and/or swabs for general-purpose cleaning. Once done, thoroughly dry your tool. Finish with tool oil by applying a drop at all pivot points. This will ensure proper, smooth action.

See how to use the kit and maintain your Leatherman below.

In all, the Maintenance Kit is a pretty simple and straightforward add-on. Diehard DIYers might forgo the kit in favor of their own cleaning methods. But the kit seems like a great and easy way for those unfamiliar with proper care or knife-sharpening techniques.

The sharpener offers both a true carbide sharpener and ceramic honing chambers. This will work great for non-serrated edges. For serrated blades, the sharpener also offers a flip-out diamond sharpening rod.

leatherman work sharp

The kit also has a carrying loop inside to house your multi-tool, so you can keep everything safe and together.

Learn more or get one now at Leatherman.

Check Out the Leatherman Maintenance Kit