How to Save Money on a Luxury Honeymoon

How to Save Money on a Luxury Honeymoon

The importance of your honeymoon is truly based on who you’re with, not where you go. But settling for less than the best on your honeymoon is surely something you’ll regret in the future. Your honeymoon is the holiday of your lifetime. You will only go on one honeymoon and if you’re not particularly well off, you may never have the opportunity to head to these destinations again. That’s why you’ll want to know all the tips and tricks for saving money while still taking a luxury honeymoon to an exotic destination. Here are five easy ways to ensure you’re getting the best deals.

1. Consult a travel agent. Travel agents often have access to the best package deals, even if their initial price sounds expensive. Feel free to do your own investigating online first and then compare the price with the agents’ quote. If you can show that you’d save money without them, they’ll often lower their prices or throw in exciting extras. And if they don’t, go ahead and book yourself in – you’ll know you’ve considered all the options and are truly getting the cheapest price for your honeymoon.

2. Travel in the off-season. It’s always off-season somewhere, and not only will prices be cheaper, but resorts will be emptier. Many places are still gorgeous even if the tourists have flocked elsewhere, and if you want to do more than sit on the beach all day, does it matter very much if it’s slightly more likely to rain? Not if you’re going to spend time in shops, museums, or your suite.

3. Take a cruise. They’re all-inclusive by nature, so you know you’re not wasting money on something you won’t do or food you won’t eat – after all, you can’t leave the ship, so there are no alternative restaurants to choose or activities that you would rather do. And often a cruise will take you around a variety of different islands or destinations, so you can see even more on your honeymoon for a cheaper price. Some cruise cabins are so luxurious that you might as well be at a hotel.

4. Go out for lunch. Lunch specials at that must-visit restaurant are often cheaper than dinner specials, sometimes vastly so. If you truly love the food as much as the hype has led you to believe, you can always head back for a glamorous dinner. It may not sound quite as nice to go out for lunch, but it’s better than missing out altogether.

5. Book a self-catering cottage or villa. You might not want to always cook for yourself, but it’s much nicer to have the option. You’ll find that you save a ton of money if you make your own breakfast, for example, and you have the wonderful option of having breakfast in bed without having anyone else intrude on your solitude. Staying in one night and cooking a romantic meal together is fantastic, especially if you can then head outside to enjoy it by candlelight.

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