Hamilton County Adventure Expo gets kids outside

CINCINNATI — The Adventure Expo returned for the first time since 2019, bringing thousands of kids outside and exploring the outdoors. 

What You Need To Know

  • The Adventure Expo is one of the largest free outdoor events for kids in the Midwest
  • The event is back for the first time since 2019
  • The expo focus on movement, exploring, and getting near water
  • The hope is to get kids more interested in the outdoors and learn new skills

Gregor Bundey spent his day the best way he knows how- teaching kids how to fish. He said while fishing is his favorite pastime, it’s important to get kids outside and learn new skills.

Gregor Bundey spent his day teaching kids how to fish. (Katie Kapusta/ Spectrum News 1)

“I think that’s why it’s important for kids,” Bundey said. “You get a chance for kids who otherwise don’t have a lot of opportunities to get out in the outdoors. They can get out, gain that appreciation for conservation and why keeping green space is important.”

The Adventure Expo, put on by the Great Parks of Hamilton County, teaches children unique skills. Whether that’s about animals, music, or building.

Tom Hughes is a nature interpreter and said teaching young kids more about the world around them can bring a lot more passion.

“But if you learn just a little tiny bit about nature, if you learn that a certain tree smells a certain way, I feel like it turns the nature from a black and white kind of view to a little bit more color,” Hughes said.

Tom Hughes is a nature interpreter. (Katie Kapusta/ Spectrum News 1)

While his station is about building human habitats or watching them crash to the ground, he believes allowing kids to immerse themselves in the outdoors is all some of these kids need.

“I think a lot of kids have that urge to go outside and pick flowers ad catch fish and things like that,” Hughes said. “While they have that natural urge to, unfortunately, they don’t get a lot of opportunities in certain cases. This great big event lets families and kids come out and enjoy wildlife in a safe and guided way.”

Back at the lake- kids caught fish left and right. Bundey said these moments make it all worth it.

“Seeing that kid who’s never caught a fish before, helping that child catch a fish for the first time, and seeing that joy for them is really fulfilling for me,” Bundey said.