Dive Asia, Budget Travel in Asia!

Dive Asia, Budget Travel in Asia!

Asia has some of the best scuba diving period. A very strong statement but easy enough to prove from the walls of Sipadan, to the wrecks of the Philippines, to the outstanding muck diving of Indonesia, to the “mola mola” dives in Bali, Asia diving is always well represented in the 10 ten best dive lists every time.

Budget travel in Asia is very doable compared to most regions in the world. Scuba diving is however usually a pretty upscale sport even in Asia. So what is the trick to get great Asian diving on a budget? One of the best ways is to find the edges of the season and communicate with the dive resorts and dive operators well in advance.

For the biggest discounts you need to have a group traveling together of 4 to 8 divers willing to put up a large deposit. Another way to get bigger discounts is let the dive operator or dive resort book the has, accommodations and flights if possible for you, as well as any additional tours that you might want to do in the area, as packages offer the dive shop more opportunities to generate revenue, more revenue means they can sacrifice some margin and still make money.

Bring your own dive gear, most shops offer discounts if you bring your own dive equipment, this will not be a big negotiation tip if you are traveling in off season as having enough gear will not be a problem, but if you are traveling in a very busy time like the Christmas Holidays if you have your own regulator, “BCD” and wetsuit you will be more likely to get a bigger discount if you negotiate.

Become a repeat customer. Most dive companies love to have regulars as they are comfortable with you, and know exactly what your needs are. If you are friendly and easy to work with then they will be even more inclined to want to give you a break on their rack rates. It is a business truism that it is easier to keep a customer than to find a new one. Word of mouth is one of the best forms of advertising and if you are going to the same place many times you are going to tell your friends so the dive center and the divers all win.

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