Corinthian Yacht Club Wins 2022 Resolute Cup With a Perfect

A replay of a live broadcast of the final two days of racing is available via Youtube and Facebook. Live race replays from TracTrac are available for all 31 races held during the course of the regatta..

After a solid start in Gold Fleet on Day 3, Waddell preached his team’s commitment to consistency to the extent that they would eschew a chance to win a race if it came with a significant amount of risk. The plan remained the same for today.

“Both starts, just get off the line,” says Waddell. “We were unsure if one side was better, if a side even was better, [so we were] just looking at the fleet split and covering the side that had more boats going that way. That worked both races and got us around the top mark in the top group and then we used our speed to pick boats off.”


Corinthian didn’t just have a turn of speed. Waddell and crew were the fastest team on the water today, winning the morning contest, sailed in a dying northerly, and then coming from behind to take the afternoon test, which took place just after the long-awaited seabreeze established itself, and after a previous attempt at a race had to be abandoned due to unstable wind conditions.

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“Doug Sabin, who is our jib trimmer, is a really good sailor, really good at setting up boats,” says Waddell. “We all do a lot of J/70 sailing. The RS21 is definitely not a J/70, but at least similar, the angles in a sport boat. Doug is really good at the sail trim and keeping us disciplined. A lot of today and really the last two days has been keep the boat powered up, don’t pinch, keep driving through. Doug kept us disciplined, and I definitely credit him a lot for our boatspeed.”

While Corinthian was opening up its lead in the Gold Fleet, Southern Yacht Club was clinging to the advantage it built yesterday over the rest of the Silver Fleet.

“It was really tough on the water trying to figure out what the breeze was doing,” said Southern tactician Dwight LeBlanc. “It was our first time sailing [off Jamestown harbor]. Having the north breeze die out and waiting around a while was pretty tough. The first race we were in a good position, did alright, then we had to be more conservative as the day went on. The race that got abandoned was a mentally tough race, you’d see boats on the left going past you, boats on the right going past you, five seconds you’re lifted, five seconds you’re knocked. Very very tough. The last race was not a good way to start, over early. But we bounced back, battled back, making smart, conservative moves throughout the racecourse and managed to pull out the win.”

As the defending champion of the Rolex New York Yacht Club Invitational Cup, Southern Yacht Club already has a berth in next year’s event. LeBlanc was the only one of the four sailors with previous experience in this event or Invitational Cup.

“There was a little less pressure, knowing we have the invite,” said LeBlanc. “Sailing with these guys was amazing. The crewwork was fantastic. Ricky did a great job steering us. Boo on the kite and Miia up forward, the crewwork was spot on. It was a lot of fun.”

While there is no longer any obligation for the winner of the Resolute Cup to compete in the Invitational Cup, Waddell says that was a big part of the reason for Corinthian’s participation this year.

“That’s definitely part of the plan, something that the club has been eying for years,” said Waddell. “Eastern Yacht Club is 100 yards away in the same harbor and they’ve done the Invitational Cup four times, and we kind of hold ourselves to that standard. We’re looking to accept that invitation, get some time in the IC37s and put together a strong team for that regatta.”

The next edition of the the Resolute Cup will take place in September 2024. The request for invitation process will be announced in 2023.