A Holiday Villa in Bali Provides More Fun For Everyone

A Holiday Villa in Bali Provides More Fun For Everyone

Some of the best resort facilities in Bali are now opening up to welcoming large corporate tourist groups and family travelers to especially designed private beachfront homes – such as on the Petitenget Seminyak stretch. Though considered the outskirts, this is a trendy part of Bali and just a few minutes from the island’s golden beach delights that tourists from colder climes claim they can never get enough of!

Not only will your Holiday Villa Bali be conveniently located in the trendiest of Bali’s parts, it will also mean you will probably be able to please every member of your family by choosing the right location for your private beach home when you do so. For, this location is in close proximity to the golden beaches that offer plenty of water sports opportunities, a wide choice of high-end shopping pleasures as boutiques line the area along with gourmet delights available at a host of fine restaurants dotting the boulevard.

So, while the other members of your family are suitably engrossed in pursuing personal interests, be it souvenir shopping, picking a designer beach wardrobe or learning local crafts (yes, some beach-front stores provide these classes too), you can leave your cares behind and unwind, at an easy pace, at your very own serene villas Bali location. Some come complete with attached mini-garden, kitchen with in-house local chef on call, or lap pool so you can really put your feet up and vacation in style!

Additionally, if you pick the right private beach villas program, say, for example one that is newly opened and therefore offering a discounted promotional rate or even an off-season rebate, you can get more value for your money at the holiday villa Bali of your choice. You can end up paying significantly less than you would at a hotel, which would invariably expect you to share certain facilities with other guests, whereas at your very own private holiday home, you can enjoy unlimited peace, tropical beauty and tranquility and activities without a holiday program coordinator telling you when and how to have fun!

Most luxury properties offer a sense of heightened comfort such as the top-end serene villas Bali tourism is currently presenting for the discriminating value travel shopper, therefore these combine understated elegance in the design of their villas, which typically have air-conditioned bedrooms with fashionable dining, living and kitchen and deck areas. In addition to the above features, the bathrooms are also tastefully done up with designer fittings.

Outdoor terraces attached to the suite usually connect to a mini-pool or garden facility, making a holiday villa Bali idea one that will deliver undoubtedly on the privacy, comfort and high-end luxury requirements.

Personalized service from a friendly, yet professional in-house staff and luxurious bedrooms with walk-in wardrobes, WIFI connectivity, a home entertainment center, chinaware and cutlery included in the dining room and necessary kitchen appliances make up the very minimum on offer at the best holiday Villa Bali. So, be sure to check for these features when you book yours!

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